Escape from GDR German Democratic Republic and start of a movie career

Vita part 1: In 1960, when he was 10 years old, Hanno Schilf escaped from East Germany with his mother. Later, he started a career in the theater and film business.

1950 May 14, Hanno Schilf is born in Greifswald/ Germany
1957 First part in a movie. German-Russian co-production ("Die gläserne Kugel")

1960 Escapes from East Germany with his mother
1964 Finishes school and starts an education as retail salesman
1966 Works as fulltime bit-part actor at the municipal theater of Ingolstadt and also takes jobs as baker, painter and labourer.
1969 Moves to Munich. Title role in the ZDF production "Das Haus".

1972 Education in the section film production.
1974 Assistant of the Munich-based producer and lawyer Rainer Walch
1976 Production assistant in the film " Fort Travis" in Los Angeles
1976-77 2nd associate producer in the ARD production Tatort "Der gelbe Unterrock" "Der Räuber Hotzenplotz" and in job information films for the German labour exchange, 13 series of education videos for the security section Bonn, main focus on personal security.
1977 Assistant and consultant of Michael Fengler, line producer

1979-81 Director: Klaus Lemke "Komischer Heilige", "Arabische Nächte","Flitterwochen", "Wie die Weltmeister"
1981-82 "Jaipur Junction"
1982 "Die Kurve kriegen"
1983-84 "Der eiserne Weg"
1984"Red Heat"
1984-85 "The Light Ship"
1985 "Das Nebeltal" (Co-Production)
1986-87 Hanno Schilf writes his first screenplay ("Zockerexpress")
1987-88 "Zockerexpress" (Production)
1989 He writes several exposés. "Die Liebe und der Weg dahin", "Des Himmels Hölle", "Lebensborn".

Hanno Schilf Hanno Schilf
Author, researcher of the origin of 'Silent Night Holy Night', founder of a museum and active in many different fields in the film business.

Research on "Silent Night, Holy Night"
Vita part 2: Researching the history of the Christmas carol, founding a museum, making a big discovery and winning a prize in Salzburg for his PR activities.

Silent Night Holy Night media project
The Silent Night project began in 1993 when Hanno Schilf moved to Salzburg in the capacity of author and film producer, to write the film script and initiate the international film

Research on Silent Night, Holy Night Research on Silent Night, Holy Night
1990 an exposé, in 1993 the first book is published. In 1995 the Joseph Mohr autograph from 1816 is discovered. 1996 the Joseph Mohr Museum in Steingasse 9 opens. Please go to for more information.

Executive producer for "The Red Phone" Executive producer for "The Red Phone"
After several years devoted to research on Silent Night, Holy Night, in 2001, Hanno Schilf returns to the film business this time as executive producer in the special agent series "The Red Phone".

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